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IP Law Department 2022


Welcome to the 2022 Intellectual Property Law Department Benchmark Survey.
The purpose of this survey is to capture information that is pertinent to intellectual property operations planning, management, and decision-making.

The results will enable us to provide you with intellectual property operations best practices. This includes aggregated analysis of spending, costs, performance, and staffing.

Upon completion of the survey, you will be entitled to a free copy of the summary results, which will be sent to you once all responses are collected and analyzed.
This is a blind survey and all responses will be kept strictly confidential and merged.

Anonymity Statement
To ensure your responses remain anonymous, reports prepared will not provide groupings that contain less than 6 participating companies.

Who should take this survey
This survey is open to corporate IP programs. Someone knowledgeable about the company’s inventor rewards programs should complete the survey. If you do not have the knowledge or access to this information, please forward this survey to the appropriate person in your organization.

Answering Questions
Our surveys are designed to be comprehensive and cover the most important factors related to the survey topic. Participants are not required to answer all the questions, but in order to get the most from the study we encourage you to complete as many questions as you can. If you are unable to answer a question, we prefer you skip it.

The asterisk (*) next to a question indicates that it requires an answer.
Throughout the survey, actual numeric values and number ranges are requested. The numeric values will be used to provide you with detailed analysis, which includes ratios and performance correlations. Please provide 2021/2022 or last fiscal period.

In the body of this survey we use the terms reward, remuneration and recognition to refer to the company inventor program. A recognition is any activity that doesn't provide any financial payment. Reward and remuneration refer to a financial payment. Generally, our use of the term remuneration is associated with jurisdictions that have a legal provision requiring the company to make a payment to the inventor.

An electronic version (PDF) is available for offline review. To obtain a copy, email your request to

Please Note: The survey tool remembers your last submitted page. If you must temporarily stop for any reason, when you return to the survey, the system places you at the last completed page.

We appreciate your participation. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Robert Williamson
ipPerformance Group
Office (630) 216-9673